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Building Strong Marriages


Have you tried marriage counseling without getting the support you needed or the results you wanted? Our Connecting the Dots workshop provides godly counseling to teach you about marriage the same way you learned to speak your native tongue: by modeling. We take the model God gives us in His Word and then provide directed practice so you learn to apply that model in your marriage. You will learn new techniques in a group setting and then be able to practice those techniques one-on-one. This produces life-changing results in a short period of time! Hands-on learning and active support will help you Build a Strong Marriage, as well as impact every relationship you have!

Are you ready to experience God’s best in your relationships? If so please register today for our next Workshop! You will be so glad you did! The Bible contains everything you need to experience God’s abundant life and have a healthy marriage, a healthy family, and healthy relationships!



“From the very first night, I was so excited because I could tell this was going to really, dramatically change our marriage.”  — Mandi

“We accomplished more in that ten hours, than we had in eight-and-a-half years.”  — Dennis

“What this workshop has done for me and for us, is given us hope.”  — Lisa

“I learned more about myself than my whole previous life.”  — Leland

“Neither one of us knew how a good relationship worked. It created a bond between Leland and I that nobody can break apart.”  — Tonya

“By the time we met Bob and LaRue, we were real, real angry with each other. We let our guard down, and we began talking about things that were really important to both of us. And we learned things that we never knew after being married for many, many years.”  — Marcia